{ Events } – Saul E. Mendez Fashion Show, Winter 2012

As you most likely heard, the Saul E. Mendez fashion show for their Winter 2012 Collection took place on Saturday, November 10th. As always, the event was organized to impress: hip, trendy, innovative and filled with beautiful & fashionable people – thousands attended, it was a lot of fun!

This time, though, I got to experience the show from a different perspective – from backstage! Being backstage was very different; it was hectic, crazy, fun, exciting, electric, (hot!) and fast-paced back there! The adrenalin rush was on full-mode, and although the show only lasted a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity from backstage.

As usual, the main attraction of the show were the men, but I have to say the girls stole the show as well. Dressed in clothing by Magnolia (BCBG & Guishem), and gorgeous jewelry by Alessa Designs, you couldn’t help but stare as they walked the runway – they dazzled! And the highlight of the night – for me – was when our dear friend, Alejandro Biguria, and the first Guatemalan to receive an Olympic Medal, Erick Barrondo, received their “Man of The Year” awards. It was nice to see their hard work and dedication being recognized. Sometimes, that’s just the “push” we need. (Ale, we couldn’t have been more proud of you! As I told you, I hope this award has motivated you to work even harder, helping the country you love so dearly! And as always, you’ll have our full support on whatever you may need!).

And since I was backstage for most of the night, I couldn’t take pictures of the show to share with you. Thankfully, though, the awesome and incredibly talented Andres Asturias was there to save the day!

Take a look:

Simply GORGEOUS! (Alessa Femme Scarf and Lola Earrings)
Feeling very short next to the STUNNING Marion! 
Team Alessa on site! (Missing Male & Carla)
Yuv showing off his Alessa Mustache Tie Clip
The beautiful Carla!
Until next time!

[ News } – The Alessa Designs Sale

If you have been following Alessa Designs’ Facebook Page (BTW, I hope you like what we’ve done to it! It’s taken a lot of work!), you may have heard that this week, and this week ONLY, Alessa Designs is  having their big sale of the year! I know I’m a little late in telling you this, forgive me, my week has been NUTS, but the good news is that you still have until this Friday, November 16th, to make your way over there and save up to 50% OFF their silver and fine jewelry collections.

Honestly, this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead on your Christmas Shopping!

And here are some of my favorite selections:

My favorite piece from the Lola Collection 
Everyone’s favorite, the Lustre Bracelets
Alessa’s Stackable Rings and my new obsession: the Clique Pinkie Ring (on my wishlist!) 
Green is my favorite color, so naturally, I LOVE this Multi-Strand Green Opal necklace (just arrived!)
The everyday basic, the Waterfall Earrings. The rose one is to die for!
Pretty awesome, no?

{ Look of The Day } – Shades of Grey

After a very hectic Friday, a work-filled Saturday (backstage at the Saul E. Mendez Fashion Show) and less than 2 weeks until we leave to Paris-Thailand-Vietnam, my husband and I decided Sunday would be our day to run errands and get organized. Since Christmas will most likely be hosted at our house (as it has for the past 2 years), we have to make sure we leave the house ready and the menu somewhat decided by the time we leave. This way, when we come back, we’ll just have to worry about the groceries and making sure everything is set up.

I tell you, these past couple of months have been really challenging for me – not only on a professional level, but on a personal level too. My body has been changing so much, so fast, nothing fits me the way it used to. While my husband struggles to build muscle mass, I tend to build it effortlessly and rapidly (thanks, Dad!), and as a result, the shape of my body is changing beyond my control. I’ve had to make some severe adjustments to my already adjusted diet and workout routine to see if I can stop “growing” so much.

Needless to say, since nothing fits me anymore, I feel like I have nothing to wear!! Thank goodness it’s chilly out, so I can just throw on a chunky sweater and a pair of jeans/pants and call it a day.

Sweater: Massimo Dutti (new collection)
Pants: Zara
Handbag: Chloe
Sunglasses: Chanel
Earrings: Alessa Signature Earrings (yes, I wear them everyday, hehe)

Until next time! 

{ Look of The Day } – Afternoon by The Lake

What a lovely weekend we had! We got to hang out with friends, spend quality time with our furry babies (I can’t believe we’ll be leaving them for an entire month! Sniff, sniff), get some house chores done ahead of time and relax – catching-up on the latest movie releases and on some much-needed reading. You see, the weeks ahead will be very hectic, so being able to take the weekends off to do the things we love is a luxury I much appreciate right now. The fact that we are only 19 days away from our big get-away is both incredibly overwhelming and exciting!

And while we were on our most recent romantic get-away at Hotel Casa Palopo (last weekend), we took advantage of the gorgeous scenery around us to take a few pictures (okay, not a “few”, we took over 500 in total!) to share with you here in the blog. Most of which you have already seen on this post, so today, I leave you with the “Look of The Day” pictures we took on a beautiful Saturday afternoon by the lake.


Earrings: Alessa Signature Earrings (white diamonds)

Until next time!

{ Look of The Day } – Candlelight Dinner

If you follow me on Instagram (The_HW_Wannabe) and/or in Facebook, you may have heard that my husband and I escaped the city-life this weekend to enjoy the tranquility of Lake Atitlan. After what was an emotionally-exhaustive week, we couldn’t wait to pack our bags and head out for a romantic, quiet, and relaxing weekend. I’ve always been incredibly intrigued by Atitlan, the energy of that place is like no-other. It had been far too long since our last visit, and now I cannot wait to go back!

Needless to say, I’ll be forever grateful to the folks of Hotel Casa Palopo, who invited us to spend the weekend at their beautiful hotel (more on that later! – Thanks Gaby and Claudia!). Their hospitality was exactly what we needed, and their attention to detail made us feel loved and appreciated from the moment we stepped in to the moment we said good-bye.

And since we were starved when we arrived, we made reservations at their restaurant for what was possibly the most romantic dinner, ever! They gave us a small, isolated table facing the lake and its 3 volcanoes, placed candles and rose petals everywhere, and treated us like we were the only ones in the restaurant. It was the perfect ending to the crazy week we had! Oh, and because I was exhausted from the drive there, I decided to wear something casual for the evening.

Stay tuned for more pictures of our fantastic stay!

Cardigan: BCBG
Jeans: JBrand
Earrings: Alessa Signature Earrings (white diamonds)
Necklace: Clique Pendant by Alessa

Until next time!

{ Look of The Day } – Fairytale Wedding in Mexico

Gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVED Mexico City! Honestly, it fascinated me. It had an European/American feel to it that is hard to explain. It surpassed all my expectations. I cannot wait to go back! The nightlife was impressive, the restaurants were amazing, the people SUPER friendly, and the shopping…fantastic! You can find everything you need and all the stores and designers you love! Who needs Miami anymore? Mexico City is closer and a lot more interesting! Not to mention that in the Polanco neighborhood, where we stayed, you could walk around at any time of the day and not fear for your life – something we really enjoyed.

As you know, the reason for our trip was to celebrate the wedding of a friend of ours. I can’t even begin  to tell you how beautiful the wedding was! It was impeccable! Definitely one of the most beautiful weddings I have EVER been to. It had a vintage, fairytale feel to it and the attention to detail was impressive – from the classic romantic novels they handed out as place cards (each containing a hand-written note from the couple) to the silver serving plates. Everything was perfect. The wedding took place in the backyard of our friends’ house, which made it even more special (since it’s where they’ll begin their life as one) and blew everyone’s mind away…the house was so gorgeous, and so….huge!

We had the greatest time!

Here’s what I wore for this special occasion and a few pictures of the wedding (sorry the pictures are a bit grainy. It was very dark and we tried to stay away from using flash):

Clutch: Gucci
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

gorgeous, no?
Until next time!

{ Look of The Day } – White & Mint

This weekend was very lovely. On Saturday, we attended a beautiful event at Valle de Los Angeles Orphanage, where we accompanied the children to a street-naming ceremony in honor of Father Rocco (the founder of the orphanage who passed away last year) and attended a very pleasant lunch with some of the other benefactors and supporters of this beautiful place. If you have never heard of this orphanage, I recommend you visit their website for more information. My husband and I have been strong supporters of the work they do since the very first day we stepped foot there…it has completely changed us.

And since the weather was absolutely perfect, I opted for a very casual and light outfit – something that would be comfortable enough to spend a whole day in, because after this event, we had a birthday party to attend – the 12th birthday party of Gian’s oldest niece, Sophia. Gosh, she’s growing-up so fast!

Take a look:

Jeans: JBrand

My handsome husband & I
Until next time!

{ It’s The Simple Things… }

The Simple Things” post is back! Sorry I have abandoned it for the past couple of weeks, I promise I’ll try to keep it consistent from now on – at least once every two weeks, I know how much you girls enjoy it!

You know, so much is happening, I feel like time is passing by and I can barely keep up. Is there really only one more week left in September? Where has the year gone? At the end of last year I told you girls that I felt 2012 was going to be a year of changes, new beginnings, new challenges, and boy was I right! I feel that I have accomplished so much, grown so much, changed my life and habits so much that it’s almost incomprehensible to think that all this happened in a matter of 9 months! One thing I know for sure, I have never felt better…or happier. A positive attitude and a dose of self respect, love and dedication truly does wonders! I feel so much better now that I have total control over my life, my body and my mind. I told you, I’m a bit of a control freak.

And talking about mind, my mind really needs a break right now. That’s why we are heading off to the beach house in a couple of hours. I need some fresh air, I need the sound of the waves and a good swim in that beautiful ocean in order to get my brain juices and inspiration flowing. After all, I have two articles to write…by Monday.

So until then, I leave you with the “Simple Things” of the week:

1. My favorite colors of the moment: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick in #27 and Dior nail polish in “Dune” (new collection). I’ve been wearing these two every day for the past week.
2. My new beauty staple: Virgin Coconut Oil. Remember how we spoke of all the uses of coconut oil over here? Well, I’ve since added it to my beauty routine and I couldn’t be more obsessed! I use it as a “ritual” 3 times/week on my face, hair and body and have noticed significant improvement. It’s changed my life. I love it!

3. The Fundaniñas Bracelet – Alessa Designs designed a special bracelet for the benefit dinner we had on Wednesday, where 20% of its sales will be donated to Fundaniñas. The bracelet is super adorable and is made of sterling silver and silk. The design symbolizes all the girls holding hands looking up at the sun. And since I’m very passionate about charity (especially those which help children), I had to do my part and purchase one for myself. I intend on wearing it every day so I never forget that there are many people out there who need our help.

4. My new coaster. I found this super cute and colorful plate I purchased months ago just lying around the house, and decided to make good use of it. It now serves as a fun little coaster and has a permanent place on my bedside table. Isn’t it adorable?
Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

{ Look of The Day } – "Dine & Shine" Benefit Dinner

As you know, last night was Alessa Designs‘ “Dine & Shine” Benefit dinner for Fundaniñas, a nonprofit organization that provides a permanent home to abused, abandoned and orphan young girls – a truly magnificent cause. The event took place at Equis Restaurant in Plaza Fontabella and was an absolute success. The decoration was beautifully done by Di Cuore, the food was sinfully delicious and the ambience was just fantastic. We had a great time and were extremely happy with how everything turned out. I’m very proud of the Alessa Team! All our hard work was clearly worth it!

Since my day yesterday was very rushed, I didn’t have much time to stop and take very “elaborate” pictures for you. Still, I couldn’t leave the house without at least showing you what I decided to wear for such a special event! The pictures aren’t that great, but you’ll get the idea.

Oh, and I was super excited because I finally got to wear my newest Alessa Designs gem: the Garnet Stud Earrings from the Enchanted Collection! I am so happy with it!!

Take a look:

Jacket: BCBG
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Earrings: Garnet Studs by Alessa Designs
Necklace: Clique Pendant by Alessa Designs
Watch: Cartier

And here are some photos the talented Andres Asturias took of the event:

Until next time!

{ Look of The Day } – Antiguando

This past Sunday, Gian and I decided to break from our regular routine and head out to Antigua for the day. To our luck, the weather was absolutely gorgeous; the skies were clear, it wasn’t too cold nor it was too hot. It was just perfect.

One of our favorite things to do in Antigua is walk. Since we can’t do much (or any) walking on the streets of Guatemala City, when we go to Antigua we take full advantage of if and walk until our feet can’t take it anymore. Walking around Antigua is absolutely magical; you have the cobblestones, the old colonial architecture all around you, the volcanoes in your surroundings, the beautiful and historic ruins and of course, the international crowd/tourists/expats exploring and enjoying the city with you. If I could, I think I’d much rather live there than in the city.

Another great thing to do in Antigua is…well, eat! And one of our favorite places to go for a late lunch/early dinner is “Hector’s Restaurant“. It’s a tiny little jewel by Church La Merced, and the food and the ambience is fantastic. We like to sit by the window and watch the crowd walk around and socialize in front of the church. It’s funny to see some of the stuff that goes on…we love it.

And of course, one of the great advantages of going to Antigua is that you can go all out with your creativity. The air itself makes you feel more inspired. So we like to go there, take our cameras, and take a ton of pictures…

Blouse: Diesel
Jeans: JBrandSuper Skinny(you can find JBrand in Guatemala at THE SHOP)
Shoes: Miu Miu
Necklace: Clique Pendant

Hector’s Restaurant
Until next time!